Design Strategy - Master Design Strategy

A different teaching approach

Once they graduate, the students of the Master Design Strategy of our School of Design will be able to organise design management within a company by integrating and controlling the strategic decision-making process

Year 1

The 1st semester is dedicated to project management. The objective is to train our students in using new tools and knowledge to respond to modern business challenges and the companies' need to innovate. Via several fictitious and genuine case studies, the students are part of a dynamic and professional learning process, benefiting from skills traditionally found in companies (marketing, finance, law, etc.). Examples of classes and projects:

  • Design manifesto
  • Innovation & Management
  • Industrial & intellectual property
  • Design workshop
  • Corporate projects
  • Market & strategy applied to corporate projects

In the 2nd semester, 3 possibilities are offered to our students:

  • Applied Design Strategy classes in Troyes ( Development strategy, commercial development of design, corporate projects, ecodesign, generative design....)
  • Classes abroad for at least 6 months at one of our 15 partner universities. Learn about them !
  • 4 to 6 month internship in France or abroad

Year 2

The 1st semester of the 2nd year is dedicated to the completion of a project in conjunction with a company. The graduation project must respond to the needs of a company, completed in conjunction with the company and the school. To achieve this, the teaching staff of the School of Design monitors every student. Teaching modules include:

  • Research methodology applied to final project
  • Design memoir
  • Market & Strategy applied to final project
  • Corporate strategic analysis
  • Professionnal designers strategy
  • Legal & financial strategy applied to final project

Finally, the 2nd semester is dedicated to the end-of-curriculum work experience

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